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"Based in Taipei, we're on a mission to connect social designs worldwide."


In 2019, we showcased the "Ahza" social affairs exhibition at Taipei's Huashan Cultural and Creative Industry Center, hosted within the School of Mixed Learning. This initiative, led by "Dot Design," kicked off our international social design connection.


Since then, "Dot Design" has been leading and planning the way. In 2020, we officially launched the global social design network movement, naming it "串串" (Chuànchuàn) and "coloop" for the following steps.




As the world gets more connected, designers from diverse regions now look beyond their immediate surroundings.



Our goal is to create a more beautiful life and envision a society filled with love. Culture, language, race, and religion aren't barriers; they're ingredients that enrich social design.



The teams joining us in the first year come from different cities worldwide. Through dialogue, growth, and presenting innovative ideas, they channel the positive energy of design to create global change. With participation from Osaka, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Taipei, diverse perspectives in social design, fueled by international communication, break down personal limitations. Together, we approach problems from a design perspective to explore and solve them.




The "串串coloop" project, through the lens of designers observing society and practical cases, enriches the international social design database, gathering usable thoughts and design tools, leading to exponential growth. We eagerly look forward to the involvement of more cities in the future, bringing a deeper perspective to global social issues.



Perhaps the most exquisite solutions to problems naturally exist in another corner of the Earth.



The NESTEL  Living in the gallery

      The Road Safety Project