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Coral Chair


Transforming Ocean Waste into Gold: Plastic Toys, Recycling, and Regeneration

By utilizing large toy recycling, everyday recyclable materials, and ocean plastic waste, we've defined a circular design that encompasses three distinct systems.

Taiwan, surrounded by the sea on all sides, shares a close relationship with the ocean. When fishing nets or debris cover the seabed or float on the surface, they block out sunlight, depriving coral of essential nutrients and leading to their demise. This, in turn, affects marine fish and other organisms.

The Coral Chair is crafted from ocean plastic waste, recycled large plastic toys, and everyday plastic recyclables. The diverse array of discarded plastic materials gives rise to the vibrant colors of the Coral Chair. With its playful coral-inspired design and vivid hues, the Coral Chair aims to raise awareness about ocean conservation, resource recycling, and the concept of reusing waste, thereby fostering support for the sustainable development of our planet.